Sunday, October 16, 2011

Infinity Banana

Yikes! It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry. Life.

Good news, though! I made my first article of clothing for another person! Soul sister of mine, S, professed a deep love of my Palindrome Dress, so I made her a variation... here's how it went down:

S: I love this dress!
Me: Bring me the fabric and a Diet Dr. Pepper and I'll make you one!
S: I can pay you.
Me: How about you don't pay me, but if I screw up you don't hate me either.
S: Deal.

S showed up with some fabulous stretchy banana fabric. And two months later (I got distracted), voila:
Fabric: Banana yellow cotton jersey - 50% stretch,
Pattern: Palindrome
Belt: Banana (Republic)

Why am I calling this dress Infinity Banana, you may ask. Let's break it down.

I did use the same pattern as my Palindrome dress - but the fabric S chose was slightly see through. I decided to do a double layer of fabric. My brilliant idea was to have the inside layer be like a facing for the arm holes and neckline. I lined it up and sewed the pieces together as such - but when I went to turn it inside out, I found that I had turned the dress into an infinity circle. You could keep turning it forever!

A bunch of stitch ripping later, I settled on the facing technique for the neckline only. I ended up just hemming the armholes.

The lining side is also a little shorter than the outer dress, which makes the bottom of the dress a little translucent.


I'm not going to explain this. I know you get it. I would, however, like to recall the wonderful palindrome "yo, banana boy!"

S was a willing model, so I give you Two More Views.

Showing off the Saab:

Needless to say, making clothing for others makes me nervous. The fabric sucked itself into the sewing machine several times and I nearly panicked. It's not like the fabric was super expensive or anything - my competence was just on stage, I guess! I'm happy with how it ultimately came out, though. What was the first article of clothing you ever made for someone else? Did it make you nervous?