Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day at the Races!

This Thanksgiving we participated in the New Orleans tradition of dressing up and going to Opening Day at the Races. While others focused on hat construction, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to test my refashion prowess.

Awhile ago, I snagged a hot pink polka dot pleated skirt suit at St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store - at a whopping 75% off the $6 price tag!

After ripping the pockets off the front and cutting a bodice out of the top, I stitched it to the skirt (which I was prepared to take in, but luckily didn't have to.) I used the top of the Anda pattern to give the top a general shape. I centered the button up front along the back seam - making the buttons a back enclosure instead of a front enclosure.


Pattern: Anda for the top.
Cost: $1.50 for the dress, $7 for the hat
Material: 100% Polyester!
Left Overs: shoulder pads... hmmm....

I do wish I'd done something more interesting with the neckline - especially given how long the skirt it. The whole dress is pretty conservative (when you wear a camisole under the top, of course.)

Thanksgiving Day was 72 degrees and sunny in New Orleans! A gorgeous day for the races. I didn't gamble, but Gus managed to break even, and S made $7, which she then left in the betting machine by accident. As you can see - we are novices.

Happy Thanksgiving!