Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Sewaholic Pattern

My new fabulous yard offers a plethora of wonderful backgrounds for blog photos.  Observe the antique shed. Could look urban or rustic.  Very versatile.
Next we have this lovely wood fence with accompanying...what is that called anyway?  Chicken wire?  Vine latice?  Obviously some sort of hybrid of the two - there is vine growing on it nonetheless.
Okay, okay - this isn't a blog about my yard.  Let's get to the sewing.  The shirt dress was the first thing checked off my September to-do list.  This Alma Blouse from Sewaholic Patterns was the second.  I have a long torso - so belts don't always look right look ridiculous on me when I tuck my shirt into my pants.  Unless the pants are high waisted, (which is supposedly in style, and yet I can't seem to find anywhere.)  In sum: I'm always looking for shirts I don't have to tuck in.  I love the Alma Blouse because it has a tie belt and thus, no tucking.  Stats are below.

Pattern: Alma, Sewaholic Patterns
Fabric: Linen blend (from JoAnn's)
Time: A weekend.  It was a slow start.
Other interesting facts: There is a zipper in the side.
Changes for next time: I will add and inch to the torso length. 

I had never done a Sewaholic pattern before - although I have loved Tasia's blog for a long time, especially when she writes about running her own business.  My secret fantasy!

This shirt also reminded me how I never quite put an invisible zipper in perfectly.  There is always some weird little gap or bunched fabric.  I'm determined to get it right in my next project (Colette's Clover pants) even if I have to hand pick the thing!

Overall good experience.  I would try another...maybe the Cambie Dress next time.  We will see...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Have Dress, Will Travel

As Gus so aptly pointed out, most of my "recent" entries have started with "I know it's been a long time..."  Yes, I have once again fallen off the blogosphere.  And once again I reemerge, hopefully to stay.  Back in September 2012 I lined up several projects.  I'm happy to say, I have FINALLY finish some of them.  Here is the first: the Lisette Traveler Dress. 

I made this shirt dress primarily for work.  I've worn it several times, and it performs wonderfully.  My first graders were full of compliments. The soft linen fabric does wrinkle a bit, but nothing a little starch can't fix.

This photo also shows our awesome new baby blue front door with stained glass!
Here you can see the gathering on the sleeve - a feminine touch that is absolutely necessary for me when using this masculine brown stripe.  I have the tendency to look a little man-ish if I go with straight menswear shapes. 

I may try this dress again in a fabric that doesn't wrinkle.  It would be great for traveling (as the name suggests.) I'd love to throw it in a suitcase and go.  This version works okay - most hotels have an iron for post-suitcase straightening out.  It's comfortable, long enough, and can be worn with heals or flip flops.  Other belts work nicely as well.   What's your favorite travel outfit?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pinterest Pots

Big news from 3 months ago...we got engaged!  In a beautiful historic park.  Other big news...we moved! To a beautiful historic home facing said historic park.  So naturally, I wanted to begin a little herb garden.  And what do herb gardens need, but pots.

"Flower pot" is one of my favorite search terms on Pinterest.  I've been particularly enamored with chalkboard pots - so the name of each herb can be scrawled on front.  I found these little metal buckets at Home Depot and painted a thick band around the middle.  For whatever reason, the only chalk available was giant sized children's sidewalk chalk, so I couldn't quite scrawl - had to go with more of a neat print. 

Now I just move the pots around, still figuring out where I think they look the cutest. 

My second flower pot project (also a Pinterest find) involved a couple of fat quarters of fabric and Mod Podge.  So far I've covered a 2-inch pot and a 4-inch pot.  I ended up wasting quite a bit of fabric as I wrapped the pots, so I'm working on a pattern for both sizes before I wrap the rest.
I've been keeping cards and papers I need for wedding planning in the bigger pot.  I'm thinking about a candle for the smaller pot.  For now, they are a great alternative center piece for our new dining room table!