Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pinterest Pots

Big news from 3 months ago...we got engaged!  In a beautiful historic park.  Other big news...we moved! To a beautiful historic home facing said historic park.  So naturally, I wanted to begin a little herb garden.  And what do herb gardens need, but pots.

"Flower pot" is one of my favorite search terms on Pinterest.  I've been particularly enamored with chalkboard pots - so the name of each herb can be scrawled on front.  I found these little metal buckets at Home Depot and painted a thick band around the middle.  For whatever reason, the only chalk available was giant sized children's sidewalk chalk, so I couldn't quite scrawl - had to go with more of a neat print. 

Now I just move the pots around, still figuring out where I think they look the cutest. 

My second flower pot project (also a Pinterest find) involved a couple of fat quarters of fabric and Mod Podge.  So far I've covered a 2-inch pot and a 4-inch pot.  I ended up wasting quite a bit of fabric as I wrapped the pots, so I'm working on a pattern for both sizes before I wrap the rest.
I've been keeping cards and papers I need for wedding planning in the bigger pot.  I'm thinking about a candle for the smaller pot.  For now, they are a great alternative center piece for our new dining room table!

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