Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mailbag: Drawing for Fashion

I haven't posted in a while (or gone to yoga in a while) because my day job has been more like a day and evening job. I've also made some serious sewing blunders recently... I'll post the blooper reel later. For now, I'm too excited about Things The MailLady Brought Me. Take a look!

USUAL COST: $150ish

I GOT IT FOR: $25 (Used and the next-to-latest edition -

INSPIRATION FOR PURCHASE: I've been on a two season Tim Gunn marathon on for the past week. This has inspired me to sketch! Bad news: I suck at sketching. Everything I draw looks like a fine 3rd grade rendering. In crayon.

VISION: Myself at my sewing table practicing my sketches into the wee hours until I have awesome skillz and can just let my inspiration run out my pencil! The essence of self-taught, baby.

GOAL: To be able to play with design ideas by drawing them instead of trying to make them! (It takes a lot of fabric, you know?)

So far I've finished half of chapter one. It's harder than it looks, but I'm better than I thought. Acceptable trade off.

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