Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Long Plaid Coming...

I must say... my blogging has gotten away from me! Between a job change, traveling for work, and Mardi Gras... I haven't had time to sew a thing. (And am now secretly glad I didn't post my "sewing resolutions" back in January... I'd be in deep water now...)

It doesn't help that my new job is teaching 1st grade... which is amazing, but "weekend craft" heavy. Let's just say I cut out a lot out of laminated letters. And crazy shapes. And sea animals. Not as many dress patterns.

So let's REWIND to September 2011 and look at a plaid variation of Sorbetto that I made, but never photographed, way back then.

Pattern: Colette's Sorbetto
Sleeve: Colette's Macaroon
Fabric: Plaid Shirting from Hancock's
Trim: Something lacy I picked up in NYC - August 2011.
Cost: No idea, but I'll guess $7.

I love how the Macaroon sleeve looks in the crisp shirting. A very comfortable shirt.

I used the trim to finish the sleeves and neck line by stitching the trim on right-sides-together, turning the seam under, and top-stitching it down. This method caused the trim to stand straight up - as you can see below - which is a little odd, but I kind of like it. 3-D Baby. Perfect to wear around the house while I start my next sewing project!

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  1. Cute! I like the sleeves a lot, and the plaid looks great!