Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lacey Shoulder Dress

Last month, I fell for a little black dress with a loose top and lace shoulders. The stitching was such low quality, though, that I decided it wasn't worth the $60. Instead, I tried to create a similar dress. There were some trials and tribulations - for example: When you make a dress out of a rectangle of fabric it does, indeed, look like a garbage bag. You do need to make the waist narrower than the shoulders and hip. Considering how many times I stitch-ripped the elastic out of this rayon challis dress, I think it came out pretty well!


  1. It looks very cute. And the pattern are just some rectangles ?

  2. @SewonTrend Thanks! I did use rectangles at first, but I ended up having to taper the top at the waist. I'm currently working on a second version based on the Anda pattern on Burdastyle. When I finish I hope to post a tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!