Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Swiss Dot Dress

In my last post (which I know, was forever ago) I complained about a lack of fabric shops in Baton Rouge. Well, my friends, I have discovered a shop I overlooked! It's called Village Fabrics, and it specializes in wedding and special occasion fabric... which means it had some lovely shantung for my bombshell dress! But we'll get to that later...

Village Fabrics also had some lovely white batiste that I purchased to line my Burdastyle cap sleeve dress. Here is the finished product:

Fabric: Swiss dot
Lining: Batiste
Pattern: Burdastyle Dress with Rectangle Skirt and Cap Sleeves
Changes: Buttons up the back instead of a zipper up the side

I rushed to finish this dress in time to wear it to an Enchanted Forest party on Bourbon Street... but ended up wearing jeans due to the presence of a mechanical bison. I didn't end up riding it, but when you hear a mechanical bison will be there, you want to leave the option open. I'm glad I didn't wear the dress - my clothes smelled like Bourbon Street when I got home. (For the uninitiated, its a slightly metallic combination of piss and liquor.)

But back to the dress... the directions were simply awful (as opposed to awfully simple). I love Burdastyle, but I think we all know its big weakness (written instructions). I used a technique similar to the bodice for the Green Goddess Dress, which is Simplicity 2219. I will post a tutorial on how I put the bodice together soon. In the meantime... here are a few more pictures.


  1. Love the fabric! your dress turned out really well Very CUTE!!!

  2. I have this same fabric also and I'm currently making a dress with it for the bodice and upper sleeve and the lower half of the dress and sleeves in a flowy black rayon. Just experimenting with an idea I have in my head and not using a pattern. Its going to be an empire waist with pleating and floor length and some kind of detailing such as bows or small fan pleats where the two colors meet.

  3. Hi Anonymous - that sounds adorable! Good luck...if you a have blog, please link when you're done. I'd love to see the finished product!