Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Guest Dress: the other Summer Essential

In March, S and I challenged each other to make our dresses for a gorgeous Baton Rouge wedding we were both attending. Neither of us succeeded. I ended up wearing some Marc Jacobs knock off from four years ago. Oy. S did make her dress for a beach wedding last August... so she still has one up on me.

Since March, my sewing has taken off... galvanized by selling my old law school desk and replacing it with a cutting table. With three out of town weddings approaching - New York City, Minnesota, and Massachusetts -... this month I will be not be stopped!

I'm inspired by several blog posts I've read recently about making a muslin (or test garment), first on Frabjous Couture, and then on Burdastyle. This led me to a series of older posts from Sewaholic (my new addiction! So many awesome resources!) I've never made a muslin - and there is no time to learn like the present.

Now the only question is what pattern to use.

I like the this Burda pattern, but $5.40 is a little steep for not including the skirt... plus Burda tends to have awful instructions.

I also love this Vogue Dress - V1102. I'm a little worried it will end up looking maternity, though. Especially with the empire waist and enormous skirt.

Well, I'm off to Hancock Fabrics to flip through patterns and buy some muslin material. I'm just so excited to learn some new sewing techniques through this project. I finally have the confidence to try something new and know that I can probably fix it if it turns out looking strange!

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