Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suddenly Sorbetto: How I Made a Work Appropriate Shirt in 3 Hours

I was catching up on my Google Reader, when I noticed that fabulous Shawnta of Peace, Love, and Namaste had added the Self-Stitched-September '11 button to her side bar.


It was just this time last year when I started getting serious about sewing...or at least serious about thinking about sewing.

That's when I realized... I've made very few practical garments in the past year. Sure, that Macaroon made of quilting cotton is adorable, but it's mighty close to showing off my business when I sit down. Not appropriate. And my Green Goddess Dress is divine on a hot Louisiana evening, but a little too curve hugging for the office. If I'm going to survive Self-Stitched-September, now a year old dream, I'm going to need some work clothes.

And so, a Wednesday night became Suddenly Sorbetto.

Of all the Sorbettos I've seen out there on the interweb - and there are quite a few because the pattern for this little number is FREE - I have never, NEVER, seen one that couldn't been worn to the office. Provided pairing with a pencil skirt or slacks. With Mena flouting her 45 minute Sorbetto completion average on her Seven Days of Sorbetto series, I figured I could cerntainly make this bad boy in no time, provided I had some usable fabric in my stash.

I found some left over swiss dot from my Sweet Swiss Dot Dress, and Gus was at poker, so at 7pm I told myself I would finish this Sorbetto TONIGHT.

Here is what my sewing table looked like mid-Sorbetto.
For work, I thought it best to add a sleeve to the blouse. I downloaded Mena's sleeve pattern from The Sew Weekly... unfortunately I don't think it came out to scale. It appeared to be a sleeve for a small child... so I used the Macaroon sleeve to estimate my size (I eliminated the curved edge of the sleeve because I wanted to finish it with bias tape.) You can easily scale up Mena's sleeve, or use a sleeve from any other pattern you have around.

With a black pencil skirt, this blouse is 100% work appropriate! And kind of cute too. For my next Sorbetto (and yes, there WILL be a next Sorbetto) I plan to extend the length to make it easier to tuck in. The whole thing took about 3 hours - including a trip to Hobby Lobby to get white bias tape!

Self-Stitched-September '11 here I come! Living the dream, folks. Is your wardrobe ready for a full month of self-made attire? If not, what's missing?


  1. I could have swore I commented on this post before but oh well.... that top is so cute!!!! You have motivated me to finally commit the the Sorbetto bandwagon and I have printed out the pattern. Haven't decided if I will do sleeves though.
    I'm glad to have more company in the SSS11!!! I'm busy trying to get some more separates together as I think that will be my ticket to success with the challenge.

  2. I am frantically trying to finish bits and bobs for SSS11! But there is loads missing! I think I should definitely try and get through my UFO pile! Love the Sorbetto! I have a couple of smaller fabrics i'm thinking of using for some!

  3. This Sorbetto is lovely, and definitely work appropriate! I signed up for SS'11 with a twist: I won’t include work clothes because I wear a suit to work everyday, and like you, I have made very few work appropriate clothes. However since signing up, I have made a Sencha and a Pendrell, both of which are work appropriate, and perhaps I should also whip up a new Sorbetto, this time with three quarter sleeves. I look forward to seeing your daily outfits during September!

  4. @Shawnta Can't wait to share this SSS!

    @Stevie The Sorbetto is great for small pieces of fabric - the pattern says 1.5 yards but I did it with less than a yard. It's all about creative folding!

    @Andrea Thanks! Very wise twist - especially for suit heavy work environments. Luckily I'm on vacation for a week in September, so that will help.

  5. what a cute sorbetto! I've seen dozens of versions made up, but you pairing it with a pencil skirt really makes me want to sew a couple for work outfits!

  6. My eyes are so huge right now because I am having a serious case of fabric-envy. I kid you not. Also, I love this outfit :)

  7. lovely blouse top.

  8. I love your top! I think this is my favourite version of the sorbetto that I have seen on the blogosphere. You make the pattern look very wearable. I wasn't sure it could work for me, but now I think perhaps it could. Especially with the sleeves. I wish the macaron was available for download. Perhaps the ceylon sleeves would work...
    Your fabric choice is spot on too. I have a great weakness for swiss dot cottons and yours is very pretty. Thanks for the inspiration. :)